Whole Food Chocolate Hazelnut Granola Recipe

This plant-based granola is made using dates and hazelnuts in place of refined sugar and oil. It’s also chocolatey, crunchy, and works equally well as a stand-alone snack, or as a topping for your favorite chia pudding/smoothie bowl/yogurt. Let’s talk about carbs for a minute. As a die-hard, lifelong carb lover, I’m here to tell… Continue reading Whole Food Chocolate Hazelnut Granola Recipe

Guacamolada and Refried Beans

An Easy, Plant-Based Mexican Dinner I’m now on day 5 of quarantine and feeling alright. I’ve been writing this blog, cooking up a storm, and working out in the park. Yesterday I developed a little fan club of neighborhood girls, taught them how to do snap jumps and agreed to judge their monkey bar competition.… Continue reading Guacamolada and Refried Beans