Doing Shots is Healthy

A Cheap, Easy way to Boost Your Immune System


This used to be what I said at the bar, rounding up a group for Jameson chased with PBR. Now, it’s what I say to Tim every afternoon before our daily swig of blended turmeric, ginger, and citrus, chased with a spritz of raspberry flavored liquid vitamin B12. Immune support shots are available at various juice bars, but mine are better for two reasons: firstly, they are A LOT cheaper. The ingredients for one batch cost roughly $3, and make approximately 20 servings, so that’s about 15 cents per shot. At a juice bar, you’d pay upwards of $3 for one serving. Secondly, mine are made of whole blended roots and fruits, not juiced, so you get the complete scope of fibers and nutrients.

Turmeric is an amazing miracle root that in addition to being anti-inflammatory and great for the immune system, has been linked to prevention of a number of chronic diseases, including cancer. Ginger has long been used in traditional eastern medicine to fight cold and flu symptoms, and modern scientific studies have shown its ability to prevent headaches and nausea, also exploring it as an antidote for diseases such as diabetes and osteoarthritis. I also add whole peeled citrus fruits for vitamin C and flavor, black pepper to increase the bioavailability of the curcumin in turmeric, and cayenne because it’s great for the respiratory system. I make these year-round, but I especially wanted to share the recipe now, to help you breathe easier.

Turmeric shots ingredients

For this rendition, I used a lime and an orange, but lemon or grapefruit work just as well. I make a batch of these every 10 days or so, and keep it in the jar in the fridge. If you can’t find fresh turmeric, you could substitute a couple of tablespoons of dried. I peel the ginger, but I don’t peel the turmeric, because the skin is so thin and it would take forever. Just give it a thorough rinse and a scrub if needed. If you haven’t used turmeric before, I want you to know that it is VERY yellow and will stain everything it comes into contact with. Seriously, I just got a new blender and it has a yellow tinge after one batch. So don’t wear a new white shirt while making these, and if anyone asks why your fingertips are stained yellow, use it as an opportunity to tell them all about the benefits of turmeric.

Turmeric, Ginger, and Citrus


This makes somewhere around 20 3-ounce servings.

A large handful of fresh turmeric roots (about a quarter pound)

Roughly the same amount of ginger, peeled

1 or 2 whole peeled citrus fruits

1 tsp freshly ground black pepper

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

Roughly chop the roots and citrus. Add to a blender with peppers and enough water to cover. Blend until smooth, and store in the refrigerator.

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